SDB Week of Prayer

Here is a great opportunity to start off the New Year by joining together in prayer. The Seventh Day Baptist Week of Prayer sponsored by the SDB World Federation is January 3 through January 9, 2021. This is a time for us to join with other Seventh Day Baptists throughout the world to unite in prayer and ministry. To quickly access this year’s Week of Prayer Booklet, simply click on the following: 2021 SDB Week of Prayer Booklet.

Not only are there daily meditations throughout the week, but there are also prayer emphases each day of the week to pray for countries in the world where Seventh Day Baptists exist. Certainly encourage your family and church family to join you in this Week of Prayer as we live out unity with diversity as Seventh Day Baptists.

It has personally been a joy for me to begin to interact with our SDB brothers and sisters throughout the world by participating in World Federation activities. At a recent SDB World Federation Church Planting Virtual Seminar, I was blessed to hear about how God is at work in amazingly different contexts, and how Seventh Day Baptists are faithfully joining God in that work. It was certainly a blessing to hear from World Federation President Luciano Baretto Nogueira de Moura and World Federation General Secretary Andrew Samuels, as well as take in an engaging presentation by John Pethtel (World Federation Vice President, North America). To learn more about the SDB World Federation, you can check that out here:

The following information from the 2021 Prayer Booklet provides more information about the history of the Week of Prayer, and specifically about this year’s author. “During the first full week of January since 1967, Seventh Day Baptists around the world have united in prayer by sharing in meditations centered on a theme
chosen by the author of the SDB Week of Prayer booklet. This year’s theme is “It’s A Great…,” authored by Sister Nilda Albino, President of the Philippine Seventh Day Baptist Association, an umbrella organization which embodies three Philippine Seventh Day Baptist Conferences. We are encouraging prayers each day of the week for all countries in the world where Seventh Day Baptists exist; not just the countries which are members of the World Federation.”

Restored for a purpose,

Carl Greene

Executive Director, SDB General Conference of USA and Canada

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