New Year, New Video, Restored for a Purpose

Written by Carl Greene

December 30, 2020

Do you know the story of the “Four Chaplains”? This harrowing story of four men living out their faith is a fitting challenge to us as we kick off the New Year. In the face of challenging circumstances and difficult decisions on board the SS Dorchester in the winter of 1943, the four chaplains actively lived out their faith in community—in a way that blessed others deeply. I invite you to check out my brief retelling of this story as we reflect on what “Restored for a Purpose” looks like in 2021.

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  1. Cheri A Appel

    Thank you for that inspiring story and message.
    Dear Lord, Help us to stay focused on Your Mission. Help us, not to be consumed by the fear and chaos of what is happening around us, but to make the most, Spiritually, of our “twenty minutes”. Open our eyes, Lord, to see the needs around us. Open our mouths, Lord, with Your Words of Hope, Comfort, and Direction for those of whom you put us into contact. Open our minds, Lord, to use the tools You have given us to reach others with Your Message of Salvation, Your Companionship throughout the troubles of this Life, Your Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Your Control of all our circumstances, and Your Eternal Home wherein all will be healed.
    Help us to hold steadfast in our faith like those four Chaplains did, to hand out Your “floatation vests” from our own lives, so that others may share in Your Peace, and Your Rescue. Remind us to Pray and stay within Your Word in order to be ready for Your Call to action.

  2. Cheri A Appel

    Thank you for that inspiring, visual message.
    Dear Lord, Help us to be Spiritually ready for your call to action. Help us to see those in need around us. Help us to speak Your Words of care. Help us not to focus on the chaos around us, but rather do what we can do in Your Name that would bring others to the Saving Grace of Jesus. Keep us in prayer and Your Word, Lord, so that when it is time to speak up, or do for others, our relationship with You would shine out. Give us the fortitude to stand calmly on the “sinking deck” of this ship – our world – as it continues to be attacked by the waves of this virus, realizing that we can offer Your Hope, Your Comfort, Your Wisdom, Your Healing. Thank You for the privilege of being enveloped in Unconditional Love and Acceptance from You. Thank You for Your Peace, knowing we are safe in Your Eternal Hands. Guide and Direct us to boldly share these things with all those around us.


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