It’s A Great Reminder — The Precious Memories of Yesterday

We expect wedding days, graduations, baptisms, and canned meat sales at the local grocery store to memorably impact our lives. (I might be on my own with the canned meat deal). There are hinge moments in life where the door opens a little wider and we experience life a little fuller, and intentionally observe God’s work in our lives.[i]

Sometimes those are dramatic events that we know will be memorable, and sometimes they are more subtle at the time, but God brings them back to mind: when a sibling went away to school, when we sang a special music for a worship service, when we attended VBS in fifth grade . . .

Whether the hinge events are highlighted in the moment, or come to mind with later life reflection, it is key that we not only remember but also tell those stories. Today’s SDB World Federation Week of Prayer devotion offers great insights in this regard (Joshua 4:1-6, 20, 24).

After crossing the Jordan River, God calls His people to set up a memorial to remember—and to also share their story. The purpose of the story sharing is to personally grow in an understanding of Who God is, while also proclaiming Who God is to the people around them. Notice the distinct purposes explained:

Joshua 4:24 — “That all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the Lord that it is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.” (NKJV)

Author Nilda Paborada Albino, President of the Philippine Seventh Day Baptist Association, presents this question for us: “Do you remember one spiritual event in your life that you could consider a precious memory?”

Indeed, that is a fitting question for us to wrestle with as we lean into gospel saturation as churches and individuals. What are those hinge moments in our own lives which are important for us to remember—for our own growth and to be shared with those God is nudging us toward. A New Year is a great time to reflect, remember, and to share our story.

[i] The blog title, “ It’s A Great Reminder — The Precious Memories of Yesterday”, is the Wednesday title of the 2021 SDB World Federation Week of Prayer devotion. For a copy of this year’s Week of Prayer Booklet, simply click on the following: 2021 SDB Week of Prayer Booklet.


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