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Written by Carl Greene

January 27, 2021

When I am looking for a misplaced phone charger I do not search the entire house. I go to the common places where my kids dump all things electronic—coffee table, behind the recliner, the living room floor . . .

Notice how I freely blamed my kids for the misplaced USB cables! In reality, I am as guilty as anyone else. I have plenty of experience searching for misplaced things that make life run so much smoother. Notice the voice of experience here.

This blog is aimed at speeding up our searches–providing a quick pathway to finding some really great information . . . without the search through couch cushions.

Links to Livestreams and Pre-recorded worship services of SDB Churches throughout USA and Canada:

Biographical information about our SDB Conference Directors:

Introducing the members of the SDB General Council: The General Council is the 5-member body elected by the SDB General Conference to address Conference matters between delegate sessions of Conference Week–providing creative leadership, collaborative strategy, and supportive encouragement to the mission and ministry of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference.

Search for a Seventh Day Baptist Church in North America:

Find the latest information from the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society:

Information about the National Association of Evangelicals: The Seventh Day Baptist General Conference is a member of the NAE.

Blessings as you search for what you need—without having to go through the entire house to find it!

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