Conference Week 2021 Announcement

The global coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of millions of North Americans. Developing and maintaining healthy leaders and healthy churches continues to be the main focus of our General Conference ministries. With this focus in mind, we come to you with news concerning plans for Conference Week 2021.  

Out of an abundance of caution and with prayerful consideration, the General Council has decided to shift Conference Week 2021 online. After a positive virtual experience of Conference Week 2020, President Kevin Butler, the Coordinating Leadership Team, and the General Council believe that we have an opportunity for even greater participation, real-time interaction, and to place a stronger emphasis on the timely theme for 2021, Restored for a Purpose

We understand this announcement may be disappointing for many. We grieve with you. Our great desire, like yours, is to gather again face-to-face with minimal restrictions. However, times like these remind us that our General Conference is not merely an organization, or its employees, or a week in the summer but rather the vital relationships that exist among our churches, our leaders, and our employees and many valued volunteers. We look forward to a physical gathering for Conference Week 2022 and appreciate your patience during these uncertain times. May your prayers join with ours as we look ahead with optimism and hope toward restoration.

Our General Conference and its churches exist to actively advance God’s Kingdom. We have been Restored for a Purpose. Our purpose is to advance the Kingdom in our communities, against the darkness, and with public witness online and to the ends of the earth. This is your invitation to join in this public witness right now locally and together this summer online. The General Conference remains committed to helping you and your local church pursue its public witness of loving God and our neighbors just as we have throughout 2020. 

Please subscribe to our blog, follow our social media channels, look in coming issues of the Sabbath Recorder, and check your local church announcements for more information on the exciting Conference Week 2021 program–which will include commemorating the 350th anniversary of our first SDB church in North America. Any questions concerning this shift to a virtual gathering can be directed to the Conferences Coordinator, John Pethtel. 

Restored for a Purpose, 

General Council, the Conference Directors, and President Kevin Butler

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