Virtual Conference Week 2021 Registration LIVE on May 5th!

Conference 2021
Written by John Pethtel

May 3, 2021

This year’s Virtual Conference Week will take place from July 25-July 31, 2021. However, registration is required to access the schedule of events for this week. There is NO cost to registrants but we are requesting a donation ($25 suggested but any amount welcome) to help us defray the production expenses of this event. Virtual Conference Week 2021 will be taking place on its own website/platform instead of through social media so registration is required for you to participate. We are looking forward to you engaging with us during that week. Please register as soon as you can and have each individual who will be watching register.

There will also be events surrounding the months of July and August that are typically related to Conference Week include reports, Q&A’s, the Gospel Feet 5K, Women’s Society events, and more.

A full schedule and the link to registration will be available on the Virtual Conference Week 2021 Website as well as shared through the Seventh Day Baptist social media channels.

Any questions concerning Virtual Conference Week 2021 can be directed to the Conferences Coordinator.

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