Virtual Conference 2021: Restored to Bee on Purpose

Written by Carl Greene

May 19, 2021

Honey is sweet, bees are neat, and Virtual Conference is a treat. That is a bad rhyming sequence meant to stick with you. I’ve got more. But first, do not miss the news that Virtual Conference Week 2021 events have been announced: SDB Virtual Conference Week 2021 Agenda.

Click on this agenda link to discover event details about 2021 Virtual Conference Week surrounding the theme of “Restored for a Purpose.” You can also go ahead and register for the July 25-31, 2021 virtual event by clicking here: registration. If you miss it, well, it will be a stinging loss.

There are profound connections between bees and our 2021 Conference Theme. Really. Bees not only produce incredibly sweet honey goodness in their hive, but they also travel far and wide to pollinate plants that ultimately produce fruit. Bees provide purpose in their hive and outside the hive.

Think about the possible “bee” purposes that we are called to as a Conference of churches. We are called to gather together and lift up God’s name in the sweetness of worship, fellowship, and through practicing common convictions. We are also called to scatter throughout our communities and the world to proclaim the gospel and serve others through gospel living.

Not to worry, Virtual Conference 2021 promises to be much better than bad bee puns. And, for you bee aficionados, you are correct, the picture in this blog is of a common eastern bumble bee, not a honey bee. That means that technically the pictured bee does not produce honey, but merely stores nectar that has not been dehydrated. Of interest, bumble bees also tend to be “more wild” and live in colonies that max out at 250 bees.[1]


Photo courtesy of Sam C. Greene

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