Restored Beyond Drought

Written by Carl Greene

June 16, 2021

Drought. Heat. Parched soil. Inadequate water. Thirst. If you take a close look at this picture, you will see the impact of drought on crops planted in the most fertile of soil.[1] We know that rainfall is desperately needed to restore this corn field—but what is needed to restore us amidst our seasons of exhaustion, confusion, and lack?

Our 2021 Conference theme, “Restored for a Purpose” speaks to the heart of this. Rather than jumping ahead to examining our purpose and strategies to get there, we begin by looking at restoration—how God has been and is restoring us as individuals, as churches, and as a Conference of churches. We begin by looking at Who God is and what He is doing.

2021 Virtual Conference Week. I hope that you do not miss the opportunity to soak in the messages and Bible Studies about how our purpose flows from God’s work of restoration in and through us. You can click on this agenda link to discover event details about 2021 Virtual Conference events surrounding the theme of “Restored for a Purpose.” You can also go ahead and register for the July 25-31, 2021 virtual event by clicking here: registration.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Greene.

[1] Some portions of North America are well into a severe drought due to low rainfall and high temperatures. To see the map developed by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, you can check out this link:

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