SCSC Training Begins; Prayers Requested!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

June 17, 2021

Summer has come once again, and that means Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) is kicking off!   This year’s team of 8 students began their training on June 17th.  Due to continued difficulties and uncertainties around the pandemic, once again this the students will be working on projects in their local areas and training is being held virtually.   The work of God’s kingdom is never virtual, however, and though the students aren’t traveling to other churches, there is still plenty of work for them to do.  We desire your prayers, both for the week of training (which runs through June 23rd), and for the work of the teams and staff as they serve this summer.

This years virtual teams are:

  • Jordan Lynch/Shamanisha Wilmot
  • Asabe Miller/Lexia Stall
  • Denovia McKenzie/Petrina James
  • Melissa Brown/Jo-Daniel Wilson

The staff for this year’s program are: Amanda Barbee (Director), Kristin Camenga, Helen Goodrich, Don Graffius, Nick Kersten, Althea Rood, and Jayar Smith.  The staff are being assisted at this year’s training by a variety of talented and experience guest teachers with knowledge in important areas in which the students are being trained.  These areas of training include online instruction, child development, apologetics, the nature of worship, interactions in a variety of cultural settings, and how to build and maintain emotionally healthy relationships, in addition to training specific to their summer projects.  Each student this year is supported by a mentor and a liaison in their local church to aid them in their work.

Please be in prayer for the students, staff, support staff, and summer projects!  Please be in prayer for God’s kingdom to advance through the work of these students this summer!



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