Oh Zucchini

Written by Carl Greene

July 21, 2021

Every year I plant it. Every year I savor the first harvest. Every year I cannot find enough recipes to use up my zucchini before I get sick of it. Every year my neighbors hide from me and lock their car doors to avoid “zucchini drops.” There are some things in life that we simply can have too much of.

I fear that sometimes our “spiritual diet” can resemble a summer of zucchini. We get focused on a single spiritual discipline or on a certain routine, and we lose sight of the diversity that is at our finger tips. We can get ourselves into a spiritual rut, and assume that other people should be doing their devotions the same way we do them. Or, we can get so sick of our current spiritual practices that we discard all of them to perpetually find something new. That would be like giving up completely on zucchini. Gasp.

Zucchini has its place in life—but it has to be a part of a well-rounded diet. Same is true for our spiritual well-being. Searching out solid Christian resources to encourage us in our spiritual walk is important to keep us walking with Jesus with vibrancy. A quick suggestion on this one, check out the 2021 SDB Virtual Conference Week, Restored for a Purpose! But, you need to act fast.

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