How Many People Registered for the SDB Virtual Conference Week?

Conference 2021
Written by Carl Greene

July 27, 2021

The fact that we are streaming through the 2021 SDB Virtual Conference Week is a reminder of three important things: 1) the 2021 Conference Offering is underway; 2) the Gospel Feet 5K is just around the corner on August 1st, and 3) we can announce how many people have registered for Virtual Conference Week.

1) Conference Offering: July 31, 2021

Last year, the Conference Offering provided over $20,000 for SDB ministry. That generous offering ensures that we live out our collective purpose together as a Conference of churches. While the Conference Offering date is set for July 31st, we can receive gifts from now until September 1st. Here are some ways that you can participate in the Conference Offering:

◼ A check to your local SDB church, noting General Conference Offering in the memo

◼ A check directly to the SDB General Conference (PO Box 1678; Janesville WI 53547) noting General Conference Offering

◼ Online giving at:

2) Race day is coming!

There is still time to register for the Missionary Society’s Gospel Feet 5K race. The official race day is Sunday, 8/1, but you can run any time you want! As of Monday, there were 48 participants, and the goal is to more than double that number by race day. Please encourage your friends and church family to register! For more information please click on this link: Gospel Feet 5K Registration.

3) Total Registrations for Virtual Conference Week 2021

Total registration count is 455. That does not include household members that will be using the same screen. We are really excited about the participation of so many people in making Virtual Conference Week possible through providing content or the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to make the technical aspects work. And now, to have such a large number of people who are participating in the week is especially sweet. Continuing to pray for the Kingdom impact that God will be bringing through “Restored for a Purpose.” Finally, a heartfelt thank you to President Kevin Butler for bringing the pieces together for us throughout this week.

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