A New Sign for Seventh Day Baptists

Written by Carl Greene

September 29, 2021

There is a new sign on the horizon for Seventh Day Baptists. It marks the start of a new day and reminds us of the fresh calling that God continues to welcome us into as we join Him in the missional work of actively advancing His Kingdom.

The sign I am referring to is a very tangible object—the new sign in front of the SDB Center in Janesville, WI. The old sign was showing the wear of time, leaning precariously on its foundation and faded out over the years. The new sign continues on in the same function as the previous sign, but is a fresh, colorful presentation of who we are: alive and well as a Conference of churches being equipped to actively advance His Kingdom through church revitalization, church planting, leadership development, and gospel saturation.

The new sign is also a reminder of a key identity marker of Seventh Day Baptists that makes our missional work together possible: we are generous givers. The sign upgrade was made possible through a very generous gift from Mark Lewis—thank you Mark, not only for this specific gift, but also your ongoing service to Seventh Day Baptists through investing your time and talents in a variety of ways!

This improvement at the Center continues our overall commitment to enhance the appearance of relevancy of Seventh Day Baptists and to provide a training center for our emerging leaders as well as a practical meeting place for our elected Conference leaders. Over upcoming days and weeks, the Center will be hosting the General Council as well as Memorial Board meetings while also serving as a hub for virtual meetings and video recording.

The parking lot has been freshly sealed, the roof has been recently replaced, and a number of interior upgrades are underway. Indeed, the sign along the road is a “sign” of transformations that are underway. If you would like to be a financial partner in the ongoing upgrades at the Center, you can go to https://www.seventhdaybaptist.org/giving/ and select the “Conference Services” tab.

Blessings as we continue on this missional journey. Together. In service to our Great God!

Photo courtesy of Samuel Greene.

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