Praying for the Practical

Written by Carl Greene

November 3, 2021

I naturally gravitate toward praying for those things clearly out of my control. You probably share this list with me: a health crisis, a broken relationship, addiction, future plans, and all of those things that feel big yet insurmountable. But what about the practical things that simply feel like everyday life?

I have become convicted that I am not bringing all things to God in prayer. I seem to have a list for God and then a shadow list of items that are “my list.” These are the routine things of daily life: safety driving to work in the morning, taking the minivan to the garage (again), and that the employment that my kids have continues to provide financially and experientially. There are some practical things beyond my control that I am not nearly passionate about as well, such as the protection of my pastor’s schedule so he has time for sermon preparation and time in prayer with God.

Maybe you are dialed in on praying for practical things—you looked at my list and realize that these are things that you are already doing. Keep going! I am learning that I gravitate towards praying about the things beyond my control, and I deceive myself into thinking that I control other daily things, or that they are not significant enough to pray about earnestly.

As I was writing this blog a friend of mine contacted me about an amazing answer to prayer. We had prayed together about a very practical concern—something I probably would not have prayed about because “I knew” the outcome. Not only did what I know not come to pass, but God answered the prayer very directly.

I am not looking to shirk in my responsibilities and work that I need to do. At the same time, I am coming to realize my desperate reliance on God for all things. Especially the routine, practical matters of daily life.

We serve a great God!

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