Where in the World was Nick Kersten?

Where in the world was Rev. Nick Kersten, SDB Director of History and Christian Education, this past weekend? If you guessed among the South Florida SDB Churches (Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach), you are correct. If you guessed New York City, you are also correct. If you thought it might be Pataskala, Ohio, once again, you are correct. Nick is pretty amazing, but an explanation is required.

Nick preached a sermon on the themes of gospel saturation and church revitalization for the online gathering of the Quad County churches in South Florida. Nick was present at the New York City SDB Church via video for the presentation of the much coveted SDB Scripture Memory Bowl. Nick was also celebrating alongside the Pataskala SDB Church via video as they celebrated their 45th anniversary.

While virtual communication has its limitations, it also has its blessings of connecting in ways that we otherwise could not. As a Conference of Churches, we are continuing to seek out opportunities that we can partner together in ministry. Nick’s weekend is an example of that, partnering in celebrations, church revitalization, and in the gospel.

Together, we are actively advancing God’s Kingdom. Thank you to individuals and churches who continue to be faithful in partnering together as a Conference of Churches for the sake of the gospel—through an investment of time, talent, and also treasure. Your partnership is an amazing blessing.

As we approach year end, we continue to have opportunities to partner. Thank you for praying. Thank you for missional work in and through local churches. Thank you for financial partnership with the SDB General Conference as we join together in the work of church planting, church revitalization, leadership development, and gospel saturation.

If you would like an opportunity to participate in a year-end financial partnership opportunity, simply click here: Winter 2021 Gospel Partnership. God is calling us to service. Together.

If you would like to watch a video about gospel partnerships with Andy Samuels, Chief Executive Director of the SDB Missionary Society, and myself, Carl Greene, Executive Director of the SDB General Conference of USA & Canada, you can catch that here:

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