Unexpected Badger Blessings

Written by Carl Greene

December 22, 2021

I am a reluctant badger. My family and I moved to Wisconsin 3 and ½ years ago and became residents of the “Badger State.” The badger is included in Wisconsin’s state flag, the state seal, the state song, and is the much-loved mascot of the University of Wisconsin University system (Buckingham U. Badger). I have to admit that the whole badger deal strikes me as a bit odd.[1]


Do not get me wrong, the animal looks cool with its long claws and its stocky swagger when on the move. Yet, the critter is ferocious, not very friendly, and has a nasty snarl (not to mention smell). I am not exactly enthusiastic to be considered a badger.


The badger spends 90% of its time within its den during the winter months. On top of that, the badger is relatively solitary and does most of its hunting at night during more hospitable seasons of the Wisconsin year. When our naturalist son Sam was out bird watching this week in mid-December, it was unexpected to say the least that he would sight this badger (thank you for the picture Sam). He did not find what he was looking for (a Snowy Owl), but came away with his first Wisconsin sighting of a badger. Sometimes the unexpected can be a great blessing.


When we moved to Wisconsin in 2018, I can honestly say that we did not come for the badgers. In fact, we did not intend to stay very long in the state of Wisconsin—long enough for me to finish my degree and then on to the next assignment that God had for our family. Somewhere.

I have now completed my degree, our expected tenure in Wisconsin has passed, yet God has clearly called us to something unexpected—to remain. It is an unexpected privilege for me to work for the SDB General Conference of USA and Canada—to serve churches and fellowships, to walk alongside pastors and spouses, and to be a part of an amazing Conference Team.

I am looking forward with expectancy to what badger blessings God has in store for us in the year ahead. I am confident that it will not look exactly like we expect—but we can be expectant that it will be full of God’s blessings as we join Him in His work, actively advancing His Kingdom. Together.

[1] https://statesymbolsusa.org/symbol/wisconsin/state-nickname/badger-state

Photo courtesy of Samuel C. Greene.

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