Update: SDB Annual Directory of Churches Information Form

Written by Carl Greene

January 20, 2022

Pastors, clerks/secretaries, and moderators/presidents of member churches should have received an email this week from Patty Petersen, our Contacts & Data Management Coordinator, concerning the annual SDB Directory of Churches Information Form.

Each year, the SDB General Conference requests your church information to facilitate communication between the Conference and its churches, and the churches with each other. We compile and share this information through the Directory of Officers, Ministers, and Churches. The Directory also serves as a legal document to verify which churches in North America may be identified as Seventh Day Baptist.

As in 2021, we are collecting data online only. No hardcopies will be mailed. Please go HERE to enter the information for your church by April 1, 2022. A copy of your data will be sent to the church email address you provide. Please check your spam or junk mail folder if you do not see the email soon after submitting the form.

If you need assistance to fill out the form or have any questions, please contact the Contacts & Data Management Coordinator at (608) 752-5055, ext. 708, or by email, ppetersen@seventhdaybaptist.org.

Thank you for your partnership with the SDB General Conference. It is a privilege and joy to pray with and for you, and to join God in His good work, together.

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