SDB Missions Week 2022

Written by Carl Greene

February 23, 2022

SDB Missions Week 2022 is here! The Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society is calling us to engage with the theme, “Doing Our Utmost to Reach the Uttermost,” based on Acts 1:8. Please participate in the daily devotions provided by the Missionary Society throughout Missions Week by going to:


One particular Missions Week devotion that has stood out to me focuses on the topic of sacrifice. Admittedly, this devotion resonated with me as Miriam Berg used a running illustration—but the challenge to consider giving up time, money, and good things for the sake of God’s Kingdom Economy and missional work is very compelling. I would encourage you to take in this devotion at: Missions Week Devotion by Miriam Berg.


Another way that we can participate in Missions Week is through the Missionary Society’s Missions Offering. All proceeds from the offering will be divided evenly between the SDB Africa Bible College and a church plant of the USA & Canada Conference (SDB Prayer Tabernacle, Port St. Lucie, Florida). What great opportunities! You can participate in the offering by going to or by sending a check to the SDB Missionary Society.

But there is more.

The SDB Memorial Fund is providing a matching grant challenge. All donations given to the Missions Week offering will be doubled, up to $15,000 by the SDB Memorial Fund. Every dollar you give will be matched for these great missional opportunities. Last year’s Mission offering was just over $12,000 – so we have a challenge before us!


The Missions Week theme focuses on doing our utmost, not simply my utmost. We are called to sacrifice and participate together, reaching out into regional and global witnessing opportunities. The SDB Missionary Society is inviting us to do just that with the Missions Week devotions and offering. This season is certainly a time of unique collaboration among SDB ministry partners: the Missionary Society, the Memorial Fund, and the General Conference of USA and Canada.

Blessings as we sacrifice and participate. Together. May God be glorified as we join Him in His work of actively advancing His Kingdom.

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