Spring Helping Hand Available in English and Spanish!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

February 24, 2022

The Christian Education Council is glad to announce the newest edition of the Helping Hand, for the Spring of 2022 (covering March, April and May) is now available.  Physical copies should’ve reached subscribers by this time.  Digital copies are now available at our webstore and for Amazon Kindle.  If there are questions about subscriptions, please email or call the SDB Center.

This quarter, the lessons focus on freedom.  Freedom is something that many people take for granted—unless, of course, they have ever been without it. Most of us assume we have always been free, but perhaps we have never considered freedom from a spiritual perspective. Jesus said He came to set the prisoner free, and He certainly wasn’t talking about a jail-break at Alcatraz. He came to set us free from our bondage to sin and death

This quarter’s lessons use the lens of liberation, Christian freedom, to examine and experience the nature of God who acts to deliver and
free people in different situations. This liberation is experienced in the story of the Passover and in the good news of the Resurrection. Liberation is also experienced in God’s new covenant community.

We are also glad to be able to announce that for the first time, this new edition of the Helping Hand is available in English and Spanish concurrently, following several years of lessons not being synchronized.  Churches interested in receiving Spanish language versions of the publication should contact Nick Kersten at the SDB Center with the number desired.  Until demand is established for the Spanish version, distribution may be limited in paper, though we have digital versions we can distribute if we run out of print versions.

Thanks for this development is due to the good work of the editor for the publication, Rev. Steve Osborn, and the translation team in Ecuador, led by Andrea Pozo Velastegui.  We are grateful for all of their efforts and hope that their work will lead to Kingdom advance in all of our churches and the communities where they serve.

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