Wait On . . .

Written by Carl Greene

April 13, 2022

I don’t like waiting. Waiting for traffic lights. For children to be potty trained (glad that one is in hindsight.) For slow internet connections. For long lines at self-service checkout lanes in the grocery store. For ministry to flourish.

I do not like coming up with creative ways to keep myself occupied while “the thing” I want to happen is not happening. It feels like a waste of time.

And then I read Psalm 27:14. “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” (ESV) This verse is for me, and maybe for you as well. The words “wait for the Lord” are distinctly mentioned twice. God is driving a point home here—waiting is not about wasting time, waiting is a reminder that I am not in control. More directly, I am not God.

The words that break us of our self-reliance (wait for the Lord) bracket a phrase that calls us to action—“be strong and let your heart take courage.” Our trusting God simultaneously calls us to act on His behalf, to do as He commands. The deal is, you and I need to set aside our own agenda and expectations.

I do not think that I am alone. I stink at waiting. Unfortunately, that is not so much because of time truly being wasted, but because I am not in control. Or more accurately, things are not unfolding as my preferences dictate. We are called to wait for the Lord—to trust Him, depend on Him, and celebrate Him, not make things happen at a certain time.

When you find yourself waiting this week, whether in a public place or the sanctity of your car, I hope that you join me in waiting on the Lord. If we are attentive to His leading rather than our own timing, opportunities to be strong and courageous will abound. Rather than “wasting time” our waiting will be focused on the right One.

Father, as we wait this week, may we see you clearly. As noise circles around us and irritates us as our plans are foiled, may we hear Your voice all the more. May we know the blessing of waiting for You above urgently waiting for our plans to happen.

Photo courtesy of Sam Greene.

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