Introducing Erin Inabnit

Written by Carl Greene

June 15, 2022

Please welcome Erin Inabnit of the Seattle Area SDB Church in her new role with the SDB General Council. This transition makes it an ideal time to reintroduce you to your General Council. The General Council is the 5-member body representing the SDB General Conference to address Conference matters between delegate sessions of Conference Week–providing creative leadership, collaborative strategy, and supportive encouragement to the mission and ministry of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference. Here are your Council members:

Erin Inabnit is a wife, mother of two, teacher of many, and strives every day to better walk in the footsteps of Jesus.  She grew up in Riverside, California, and spent her college years on the East Coast before resettling on the West Coast.  She and her husband, Eric, spend most of their free time driving their school-age children around to various practices and events near their Washington home and are actively involved in the Seattle Area Seventh Day Baptist Church.  After serving as a Trustee for the SDB Memorial Fund, she is excited to stretch herself and grow as she follows God’s call.


Andrew J. Camenga is the pastor of the German Seventh Day Baptist Church in Salemville, PA. He and his wife Kristin have been married for 20 years and have two children at home. Andrew heard Christ’s call to follow Him and has been learning what it means to pursue Christ ever since, trusting that God will complete what He began. He has been an active participant and leader in local, regional, and conference-wide ministry though most of his life. In recent years, he has served as the training director for the Summer Christian Service Corp (SCSC) and been an SDBU instructor. Prior to that, he served as the Executive Director of the Seventh Day Baptist Board of Christian Education from 2000-2015.

Ericessen Cooper is the pastor of the New York City SDB Church in Brooklyn, New York. He is married to his wife, Crystal and they have three children. He is employed by the New York City Dept. of Social Services and works in the Legal Affairs Division.

Steve Osborn lives in Firestone, Colorado. He and his wife Angie have four grown children. Steve serves as Lead Pastor of Frontier Church – Carbon Valley, a Ministry of Seventh Day Baptists, and as a member of the SDB Church Planting Task Force.

Patti Wethington was introduced to Jesus at 8 years old, has been a passionately committed Christ-follower since age 15. Born and raised in California, she met and married Pastor Bernie Wethington in 1974. Joining Seventh-Day Baptists in 1989, she served in church ministry alongside Bernie for 38 years until his passing in 2013. Currently, she serves Homecare and Hospice patients and covers care for patients remotely all over the United States. Patti has participated in the Seventh Day Baptist denomination in supportive roles for many years. Serving 2 terms with Council on Ministry, General Conference President for the 2016-17 General Conference session and currently serving on the General Council.

And finally, a heart-felt thank you to outgoing Council member Pastor Barry Dailey for his service on General Council. His insights and valuable guidance have been a blessing to the Conference. Pastor Barry is the pastor of South East Atlanta SDB Church, located in McDonough, GA. Barry has been married to Gaye for over 35 years. They are blessed with 2 sons and 2 daughters-in-law. Barry has a passion for promoting the gospel of Jesus and seeing people live the abundant life for which Christ shed His precious blood.

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