Annual Report of the SDB General Council

Written by Carl Greene

July 6, 2022

Janesville, WI. The report of the SDB General Council to the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, USA and Canada is now available. Your General Council has sought to provide a clear and full picture of what has been undertaken during this extended season between Conference-in-session meetings. You will notice a number of important highlights: what has been done for continuity, significant decisions that have been undertaken, recommendations and interim actions that await ratification by Conference-in-session, as well as goals we want to pursue and how we want to pursue them.

Please click on the following to read the full report: SDB General Council Report.

As noted in the SDB General Council Report, the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference is blessed by God with volunteers, staff, and directors who are dedicated to pursuing the ministry opportunities God presents to us. Over the last three ministry years, your General Council has been impressed and encouraged by the persistent effort, teamwork, pursuit of goals, and consideration of new opportunities demonstrated by people across the Conference. Beyond what has been captured in the SDB General Council Report, there are a number of other reports to read as a part of the SDB Yearbook. The following link takes you to a number of reports that are currently available as the SDB Yearbook is in the process of being fully compiled: 2022 SDB Conference Yearbook.

Finally, one other report that offers an overview of some of the efforts being undertaken by the SDB Conference Team includes my own Executive Director report to the SDB General Conference. You can access that report with this link: SDB General Conference Executive Director Report.

Thank you for reading these reports and actively participating in the work and ministry of your SDB General Conference. I am looking forward to opportunities that we will be having in upcoming months to further engage in the content of these reports through virtual forums. Those details will be coming across upcoming weeks.

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