Frogs and the SDB Center

Written by Carl Greene

August 24, 2022

Yes, this week’s blog photo really does capture frogs in Jan Ehler’s office at the SDB Center in Janesville, WI. There is much more to that story than what meets the eye though! The frogs are part of a recurring initiative we are undertaking, and hopefully unrelated to plagues of biblical proportions.

In July, we began releasing SDB Conference Video Updates (if you missed them, please see the link below). My video update detailed the health of our Conference and how to be a frog jockey–while also asking for high quality SDB frog names. Well, I am pleased to say that the names flooded in–maybe even hoards of names. Suggested names ranged from a traditional “Jeremiah the Bullfrog” to a historically linked “Hopalong SDB” to super power associated “Amazing Amphibian” to an optimistic “Turbo Green” and on to a lengthy list of innovative names.

We also received some name suggestions of “Croak” and “Croaker”–a clever antithesis to the intended purpose of frog jockeying. The purpose of our frog initiative is to remind us of our desperate need of Spirit-led-life as a Conference of churches. The participants in the frog naming are receiving their own stuffed frog as a reminder to continue praying for our life as a Kingdom Family of Seventh Day Baptist–that we are fully alive rather than “stuffed”. Please join in that prayer!

Speaking of life as a Kingdom Family, here are some reminders of Kingdom Family life to participate in:

Regional SDB Gatherings

Pacific SDB Regional Gathering at Rancho Ybarra: August 26 – 28
North Central Association at White Cloud, MI: September 23 – 24
North West Day at Yakima, WA: October 1
Allegany Association at Alfred Station, NY: October 1
South Atlantic Association: November 11 – 13

Virtual SDB Gatherings

Memorial Board Q&A: Sunday, September 11th at 1:00 pm (Register Here)
Virtual Delegates Forum: Sunday, January 8, 2023

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