SDB North Central Association Gathering

What is Pastor Nate Crandall pointing at in this picture? That is a good question, and to know the answer, you needed to be at the North Central Association (NCA) of SDB Churches Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25.

The White Cloud SDB Church (MI) hosted and organized this year’s NCA. Friday vespers started off with the All Nations SDB Church (Grand Rapids, MI) leading worship and sharing testimonies. Sabbath School and Sabbath worship were led by the White Cloud SDB Church, with participation by 7 pastors from 5 different SDB Churches. The afternoon sessions included an interactive SDB Memorial Fund presentation by Bill Probasco (Shiloh SDB) and a seminar about the intersection of Sabbath Theology and Theology of Work by Carl Greene. That last seminar sounds kind of dry, but at least it involved the use of Play Dough.

SDB General Conference Presentations

There were two SDB Conference presentations that are worth noting. First, the Andrew J. Camenga Scripture Memorization Award was presented to the White Cloud SDB Church (Pastor JR Shick pictured) by Gabriela Alonzo (SDB Christian Education Council member) and Carl Greene (SDB General Conference Executive Director). The SDB Christian Education Council presents this award annually to the participating church with the highest percentage of participants. Congratulations White Cloud SDB! Please participate in this year’s SDB Scripture Memory Program!

The second presentation brings us back to what Pastor Nate was pointing at in the lead photo. Patti Wethington DeJongh was recognized for the many ways that she has encouraged and served Seventh Day Baptists over a number of years. Patti was specifically recognized for her role as a member of the SDB General Council from 2017 to 2022. She was presented with notes of thanks from SDB Conference team members as well as an etched glass token of gratitude. The award was presented by Carl Greene, and a prayer of blessing was offered by Pastor Nate Crandall (Pastor, Milton SDB and member of the SDB Council on Ministry).

So what was Pastor Nate pointing at? Honestly, I do not know—but there is a great figurative point to the picture (note the play on words). He is pointing at us, and the opportunities that we have to join Patti in stewarding our gifts, talents, and abilities for God’s glory through serving in our local church as well as the SDB General Conference. To find out more about the mission of the SDB General Conference of Churches, please go to:

Thank You!

Thank you to the White Cloud SDB Church for hosting such a wonderful Kingdom Family gathering. A specific thank you to Pastor JR Shick and Gabriela Alonzo for the prayer filled planning that went into this event. Also, a thank you to the SDB Memorial Fund for their participation in the regional Kingdom Family gatherings of SDBs!

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