Gathering of SDB Churches in the Pacific Northwest

I feel at home in the Yakima Valley of Central Washington. First, it is the source of my favorite childhood game, The Farming Game. But wait, it gets better. Out of all the counties in the United States, Yakima County is ranked #8 in dairy production, and is the #1 county in the state of Washington. Oh, the vast quantities of ice cream that can be produced in this fertile valley for SDB cravers of the frozen dessert!

SDB Northwest Day 2022

But, of even greater significance is that this is the home of the Central Washington SDB Church, and the host of SDB Northwest Day 2022. Pastor Glenn Denman and the church family provided a wonderful setting for the Kingdom Family gathering that took place on Sabbath, October 1st.

Sabbath School was led by Pastor Stan Fox, who also took me aside prior to the worship service to tell me that the pulpit is not bolted to the floor. Apparently, he had heard stories.

As the worship service began, Pastor Glenn Denman (Central Washington SDB) welcomed those gathering from the Seattle Area SDB Church, the Portland Area SDB Church, Iglesia Bautista del Séptimo Dia, Auburn, along with SDB General Council members, Andrew Camenga, Steve Osborn, Ericessen Cooper, Erin Inabnit, and Maura Mazza. We participated in the Lord’s Supper together after the sermon, and then gathered together for wonderful table fellowship.

The afternoon began with a time of remembrance for Pastor Levi Bond, who passed away this past summer. The time of reflection and sharing reflected the impact Levi has had on so many, and his pioneering leadership of the Northwest Association of SDB Churches. There were tears shed, blessings celebrated, and hope shared throughout this time.

SDB General Council

The afternoon session continued with a presentation by the SDB General Conference Executive Director about our SDB Conference of Churches—who we are as Kingdom Family and what we do as a network of churches. General Council members shared specific ministry opportunities that we are engaging in: from leadership development to church planting to church revitalization. We also discussed the work of the SDB Memorial Fund, and opportunities for churches to partner with the Memorial Fund to overcome financial hurdles that arise in ministry.

What a blessed day of Kingdom Family gathering! We savored the building of relationships and the mutual encouragement in ministry. Yet, we went beyond good food and conversation—we engaged in the missional purpose that we are called to as Seventh Day Baptists. We have missional purpose through the use of our gifts, skills, and abilities in our local church, while also having a biblical call to partner together as churches to join God in His Kingdom work.

Thank you to the Central Washington SDB Church for being gracious hosts of Northwest Day! Also, a thank you to the Seattle Area SDB Church for your gracious hospitality offered to General Council members during our meetings on Friday, September 30th and Sunday, October 2nd.

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