Who Wants a Hug? SDB Conference Week 2023 Announcement

It’s time to start your preparations to make it to SDB Conference Week 2023. We have been looking forward to this for three years now.

There will be a great program (How Great is Our God) and business led by a great president (Charlotte Chroniger) with great fellowship and friendship from great people (YOU!) all in recognition of our great God. Also making an appearance during SDB Conference Week 2023 will be hugs, laughs, ice cream, and fun.

Want to join in? Registration will be open on January 8, 2023, and more information and updates can be found at seventhdaybaptist.org/conferenceweek2023.

Where: Calvin University – Grand Rapids, MI
When: July 23-30, 2023 

Can’t wait to hug you, shake your hand, fist bump, or whatever greeting you feel comfortable with when I see you there.

On behalf of the Conference Week 2023 Team,
John Pethtel, Conferences Coordinator

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