Parent to Parent, Heart to Heart! 

Written by Julia Coleman

January 16, 2023

Education is important. I know most of us agree with this statement. However, in today’s academia in the US, Christians know that without Christ in the lives of people (schools included),  there will be failure. The most formative years of a child’s life are Preschool through Elementary School. These years are like a flash. Also, for the years of schooling, we hand our children over to a school system which will have them more hours of the day than we will. Scary! For us, public school was our option and so I knew we had to be involved.   

 Can we have a parent-to-parent, heart-to-heart talk? 

 I had many questions. How do I, a Christian parent, work with the Holy Spirit in keeping my children in love with the LORD while in public school? How do I function as a Christian parent should I be permitted to serve within the school environment? What are some of the issues students are facing in the academic environment that will affect my children’s development? Can believers in Jesus trust the schools to care for our children? How much is too much parental/guardian involvement? Is there such a thing as too much involvement? Where do I begin? What can I do? Seems overwhelming. I know the LORD was with us and He covered us with the Blood of Jesus. Thank GOD for His Holy Spirit Who faithfully brings His WORD in every situation. I know who I am in Christ and who I belong to. And yes, prayer, lots of prayer! 

 From the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy. Let me dwell in your tent forever! Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings! —Psalm 61:2-4 (ESV) 

 I found that being in the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (our school did not have a PTA) I could be involved in my child’s schooling by bringing the love of Jesus to my children’s public school. While my boys were in elementary school, I served over 12 years total in one or more capacities on the PTO: president, vice president, recording secretary, treasurer, homeroom parent, and many other hats in the organization. I believed I should leave the organization better than how I received it. So, with the other members of the board, we implemented procedures and processes that continue to be used today. It was not always easy and I faced challenges from parents more than the teachers and students. However, from this vantage point, I could see the challenges behavior, resource deficits, identity, bullying/peer pressure, school policies, and other demands affected the academic environment. So, this became the focus of the PTO—being a support to the school and being in the schools. I would volunteer to be a reader in my children’s classes, assist a teacher on a very busy class day, work in the library or computer lab, make copies for a class, or assist the office staff in some way. By being in the schools, it allowed me to see what I, as a believer, could do, and what my children would be facing. My husband, Dennis, realized that when the school had parents’ day, there were students who did not have a father; he volunteered to be surrogate father for the day for a few of them. To this day, I meet students who are either college graduates or at the high school who thank me for being there. 

 Home life became the focal point of schooling success. Dennis was the champion in homework time while I provided insight into the teacher’s style and class dynamics, keeping the goal of being spiritually and academically balanced for our boys. Our boys were involved in extra-curricular activities and again Dennis and I volunteered to be the team parents and at least one of us attended the events. We talked with our children about what concerned them in school and prayed, asking the LORD for His answer, and, in most cases, contacted the teacher to pursue a resolution that we believed honored GOD. Most importantly, there was a community prayer group organized by me and my neighbor which met once a week. We had a group of about four to five Christian parents from many local denominations praying for our children and the school district. This, I believe, was the key to doors being opened, funds being raised, and the lives of students enhanced and changed. At our weekly prayer meeting, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, my neighbor prepared scriptures specifically addressing Biblical concerns for our children for us to pray, and in general, prayed for the district.  

 Today’s school environment has a few things I did not have to deal with namely, COVID and active shooter scenarios. I cannot imagine the stress now in schools. Additionally, the expectations for teachers are very high with students being behind in their academic levels due to COVID. For these reasons, I encourage Christian parents to pray for the LORD’s direction on how they can be involved in their child’s education. GOD bless the believer-teachers who have committed their lives to teaching children in the public and private schools. Please continue.  I encourage parents of school age children to organize prayer groups that have a prophetic focus (scriptures that are inspired by the Holy Spirit for the group to pray…His Kingdom come, His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven). That’s the first place to start. He promises to hear us and heal our land—that includes our schools.  


—Julia Coleman 

Shiloh Seventh Day Baptist Church 

 Christ is my life. I can say this with veracity and conviction. About 30 years ago, I had an experience of the supernatural kind that gave me a glimpse into the inner workings of the enemy over the lives of those on the Earth and the Supreme Victory accomplished through the Blood of Jesus Christ, my Savior and LORD. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica; a former member of Mountain View SDB Church in Kingston, currently a member of Shiloh SDB Church Shiloh, NJ; the last of four siblings; a mother of two phenomenal boys; wife to one very handsome and anointed Spirit-filled man; and committed to serving the geriatric population and their families. I love to sing, read, write music, sew, cook and clean…yeah, I know that is strange to love cleaning. I was 16 years old when I made a sure commitment to make Jesus Christ LORD and Savior of my life. I enjoy worshiping the LORD; there is nothing like it. I enjoy being with Him through singing, art, and composition, meditating on the WORD of GOD; prophetic surveillance; interpretive dance and flagging; prayer and fasting; corporate gathering; small group talks, and direction; and any other way He chooses. I look forward to the day I will see Him face to face and give Him the biggest, longest hug ever! May GOD bless you and keep you; may He make His face shine upon you and give you His Shalom! 

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