Thank You

Written by Carl Greene

January 25, 2023

Something happened in 2022 that is propelling Seventh Day Baptists forward in 2023. Throughout 2022, we worked together as a Conference of Seventh Day Baptist Churches to actively advance God’s Kingdom in ground breaking ways. We are partnering in the work of leadership development, church planting, church revitalization, and gospel saturation to make Kingdom impact. Together, we are making a difference.

But There is Something More

The financial generosity directed to Seventh Day Baptists in 2022 has leveraged SDB ministry. Thanks to committed churches, giving individuals, legacy contributors, and grant giving foundations, we had the financial resources necessary to flourish throughout the previous year. Yes, in practical terms that means that our budget was met. But there is a deeper experience at work here.

God provided for us in so many ways in 2022. While certainly not the only way, financial means was one of the great provisions from God’s hand. The neat way that God works this financial provision is through stirring the hearts and minds of many people, churches, and organizations.

Thank you for responding to that stirring! Generous giving is one of our core values as Seventh Day Baptists, where we unselfishly contribute time, talent, possessions, and finances as God has blessed us. (SDB Vision Map). But response to the stirring is not a given. Fewer American households are giving to charity today compared to the past. The percentage of American households giving to religious causes has dropped from 46 percent of households in the year 2000 to only 29 percent in 2018.[1]

2023 Ahead

With the giving trends in North America as a backdrop, the financial provision among Seventh Day Baptists stands out as a great blessing. This is a blessing that also requires intentionality. The momentum that is now underway among SDBs opens the door for increasing opportunities for generosity. We are entering into a season of innovative Kingdom ministry—what a great opportunity thanks to ongoing generosity!

One More

One housekeeping item to wrap out this blog. If you contributed to the SDB General Conference in 2022 and would like to receive a summary document for tax purposes, please contact Jan Ehlers at the Center at:

[1] IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The Giving Environment: Understanding Pre-Pandemic Trends in Charitable Giving. July 2021.

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