SDB Leadership Development

Written by Carl Greene

February 1, 2023

The next round of Seventh Day Baptist Leadership training is getting ready to launch. The Spring 2023 Term of SDBU begins on February 5th, 2023. Please take this opportunity to pray for emerging Seventh Day Baptist ministry leaders as they invest time and talent in their education over the weeks ahead.


In 2016, the SDB General Conference introduced an integrative educational initiative called SDB University (SDBU). SDBU is a new expression of two ideas long prevalent among SDBs. 1) Training of the laity in the local church. 2) Training of pastoral leaders as they serve the local church.

The best way to grasp the basics of this educational initiative is to take a look at the courses that are offered this semester. By reading through the descriptions you will get a feel for the training that our ministry leaders are engaging in—and maybe become interested in taking a course yourself!

For more information, go to If you have any questions, please contact or call (608) 752-5055 ext. 701.

SDBU 211: Biblical Preaching

Seventh Day Baptists value biblical preaching. This course introduces the student to the tools and methods necessary for preparing, developing, and delivering biblically sound sermons. The student’s coursework will also provide tools to assess one’s ministry context. Finally, the course will culminate with writing and recording a sermon which will be evaluated by the instructor.

SDBU 230: New Testament Survey

An introduction to the literature and content of the New Testament from the Gospels through Revelation.  Attention will be given to the cultural, geographic, political and historical backgrounds necessary to understand the text in its proper context.  An introduction to the archaeological and academic concerns around the NT texts will be given.  The form of the NT texts (genre, etc.) will also be considered.

SDBU 260: Intro to Evangelism & Apologetics

An introduction to the areas of evangelism and apologetics, with a view towards equipping those serving in ministry leadership roles with the basic tools necessary to share the Gospel with confidence in a diverse and multi-cultural world, both inside and outside the church. Focus will be given to identifying the nature of the Gospel biblically, to specific strategies that can be used in the work of evangelism, and finally, to some basic tools leaders can use to defend the faith.

SDBU 280: Practical Ministry Skills

To help church leaders learn some basic practical ministry skills so that they may begin or enhance their current ministry to their congregation. This creates healthy churches and leaders by giving them the practical skills and knowledge to lead through service to God and the congregation.

SDBU 354: Sabbath Theology

To develop ​a ​Biblical, historical, and cultural understanding of the Sabbath. In developing this understanding, we strengthen our belief and apologetic for one of the SDB core distinctives, a seventh-day Sabbath. This creates healthy churches and leaders by helping them identify more closely with their Creator, encouraging their regular rest and rhythms (including the weekly Sabbath), and to encourage excellence in the work we do the other six days a week.

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