Our Help Comes From the Lord: Pastors Conference 2023

Written by Carl Greene

May 3, 2023

The Summit 2023 (SDB Pastors Conference) took place from April 28-30, 2022 in Janesville, WI. The theme was “Our Help Comes from the Lord.” What a fantastic gathering of serving and retired pastors, church planters, chaplains, and spouses. The weekend was full of fellowship, engaging content, and fantastic presenters. Hopefully the pictures give a flavor of the experience!

As we remember that our “Help Comes from the Lord,” please continue praying for our pastors, planters, chaplains, and their families. Pray for them by name and with specificity as we join God in His good work!

And, speaking of gatherings–SDB Conference Week is coming quickly. Please go ahead and register for Conference Week 2023 here.

Pastors Conference Session at the SDB Center in Janesville, WI.

Pastor Paul Andries preaching the message at Sabbath worship at the Milton SDB Church.


SDB Pastors Conference attendees.

The Summit organizer and convener, Rev. John Pethtel!

Jason Eddy from PIR Ministries presenting at SDB Pastors Conference.


Rev. Nick Kersten led us in a seminar Sunday morning that landed with a call to live out multiplying rest.

Participants were able to take in Milton House tours that bring to life part of our SDB History. Thank you Patty Petersen (in photo) for all of the photos used in this blog!

Men’s Chorus singing at the Milton SDB Church.

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