Summer 2023 Helping Hand Available!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

May 23, 2023

The Helping Hand for Summer (June – August) 2023, titled “The Righteous Reign of God”, is available for purchase both physically from the SDB Center, digitally from our online store,  and on Amazon for Kindle.  Print copies should have arrived or will be arriving soon to subscribers.

Though many of us may have grown up fantasizing over what it would be like to be a King or Queen, few of us have experience that helps us understand the kind of authority inherent to such a system. In fact, many cultures promote the idea of rebelling against any kind of au-thority. Because we have had too many experiences of negative uses or even abuses of authority, something inside you may tend to bristle at hearing the word. However, understanding God’s authority and learning to trust and submit to Him as our King helps us to experience the true benefits of the principles He has established for Kingdom Living.

The Summer quarter of the Helping Hand explores the broad sweep of biblical teaching about the nature of God’s reign, beginning with Old Testament declarations of God’s righteous power. Both Old and New Testaments depict God as “king over all the earth” (see Psalm 47:2).

Introducing our writers for this quarter:

Paula Davis

Paula Davis is a member of the Verona (NY) SDB church where she enjoys leading the Ladies’ Sabbath School class weekly, and worshiping, fellowshipping, and serving alongside other believers there. She also enjoys baking and quilting, and gardening. Paula has a heart for sharing the depths of God’s love with others, especially other women.


Brent Hannah

Brent Hannah and his wife Carla have served at the Salem SDB Church in West Virginia since 2011. Their sons are now both married and they have one grandchild (who is super fun!). Brent and Carla like to hike and enjoy the beautiful nature around them as much as possible.

Dorothy Napier

Dorothy (Noel) Napier lives in Northern Virginia with her husband John where they attend the Central SDB church in Maryland. She works at a fast-paced software company and loves to linger over a hot cup of tea.


Tim Smothers

Tim Smothers lives with his wife Karen in Springfield, MI and is the Pastor of the Battle Creek Seventh Day Baptist Church in Battle Creek, MI.


Darwin Steele

Darwin W. Steele has served as the Associate Pastor of the Boulder (CO) SDB Church, and Lead Pastor of the SpringsLife Church in Colorado Springs, CO. Currently Pastor Darwin is the Pastor of the Bell SDB Church in Salemville, PA. He also has taken on (as interim pastor) the New Enterprise Church of the Brethren. He and his wife Cheryl have celebrated 29 years of marriage.

Ashea West

Ashea West, originally from Manchester, Jamaica, recently obtained her MD and started her residency program in the USA. She is a member of the New York City SDB and the Mandeville SDB churches. She is passionate about sharing the gospel, using whatever opportunities she is given; she believes in blooming wherever she is transplanted.

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