SDBs Represented at CICW Summer Invitational Consultation

Written by Carl Greene

June 21, 2023

The Seventh Day Baptist General Conference is an invited participant at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW) summer invitational consultation that is currently underway. SDBs were specifically asked to contribute to the consultation as a Vital Worship grant recipient.

SDB Executive Director Carl Greene is participating in a series of table presentations with other invited participants. The gathering consists of representatives from 30 different Christian denominations and traditions along with 20 different seminaries, divinity schools, universities or colleges. Participants represent many different roles within congregations, parishes, worshiping communities, and different fields of primary expertise across the humanities, arts, social sciences, and several theological and pastoral disciplines.

Carl’s table presentations focus on the work of the SDB Vital Worship group that has been meeting since September 2022. Discussions ensued about what the Vital Worship group has identified as SDB contributions to liturgy, mission, and Theology of Rest. Presentations are with authors and resource persons who are acquiring, curating, writing, or editing CICW-related books, web resources, and podcast sessions. Presentations are also made with a sampling of contributors from CICW conferences, grant recipients, and CICW staff.

Seventh Day Baptists have been blessed by the invitation to participate in CICW sponsored initiatives. We look forward to ongoing collaborative opportunities to learn and contribute across the months ahead. Be on the look out for upcoming information about future initiatives along with a collaborative summary report from the SDB Vital Worship Group!

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