Introducing the 2023 SDB Visiting Instructors

Written by Carl Greene

October 11, 2023

The first ever SDB Visiting Instructors Program is about to launch! Pastor Kingsley Gauti of Malawi, Africa and Pastor Quistin Chalwe of Zambia, Africa will commence their North American tour on Thursday, October 19th in Chicago, IL. These representatives of the SDB Africa Bible College will be teaching, preaching, and leading seminars at a number of locations including: Milton SDB Church (Wisconsin), Fort Lauderdale SDB Church (Florida), South Atlantic Association (Daytona Beach, Florida), and the SDB Emerging Leaders Seminar Series (SDB Center, Janesville Wisconsin).

And now, I would like to introduce you to the Visiting Instructors by sharing their bios with you. Please partner with us in prayer for Pastor Kingsley and Pastor Quistin as you read through their fascinating stories. Also, if you would like to partner financially, you can contribute by going to

Introducing Pastor Kingsley D J Gauti

Pastor Kingsley Gauti, Malawi

Being born in the rural setting of Africa to be particular in Malawi, I faced numerous challenges in attending my Bible School education but hard work and perseverance paid off. Upon seeing the inadequacy of pastors in our Church in Malawi, I thought of an early retirement from teaching in 2013 from the Ministry of Education and joined the spiritual ministry to cover the shortage.

With the teaching background, evangelistic talent that God gave me and public speaking skills I have, I’m able fit in the ministry comfortably. As a young pastor, the church thought of signing me to the Youth Ministry as the National Director.

I have also recently completed an Associate Degree in Pastoral Ministry with JACKSONVILLE BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY which is in America. I am only remaining to defend my thesis. The Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary also offers a Masters Degree in Theology, which I am also pursuing to study for further Education, which is highly invaluable and recognized throughout the world.

In 2021, I joined the SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST AFRICA BIBLE COLLEGE which is managed by the Missionary Society and the World Federation of SDB, after they saw that many African Conferences do not have Bible Schools and there are less trained pastors and church leaders. This has opened many windows for young people to be trained in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership. The ABC has contributed towards rebuilding Africa Conferences and has helped to bring Africa Conferences leadership together with one Knowledge, one teaching and one common Theological understanding.

As a Youth Director and a pastor, upon joining the ABC, I have noticed that many youth in my conference have developed a positive attitude towards the ministry where they are now feeling that I am a role model, having resigned from the government ministry to join the pastorate. During this time, I have conducted many evangelistic meetings in almost every district in Malawi where many new members have joined the church and roughly over 400 members were baptised during these meetings.

I have opened about four new branches in our conference and helped many branches (i.e.  Bvumbwe SDB with over 100 members currently, Namaona SDB, a very new church, and we are yet to establish the real membership, Chikuli SDB with about 35 members and Nancholi SDB Church with over 82 members) with Biblical Teachings obtained from both Seventh Day Baptist Africa Bible College and Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary.

I have started a study circle where I have started teaching Bible School lessons and evangelism skills to young people so that they can win souls to Christ. This has helped many youth members to take part in church programs. I have organised a Win a Soul week (WAS week) where every member is trained how to bring a new member to the church which has resulted into having visiting members time and again.

I therefore, am strongly passionate to pursue this ABC Program by Missionary Society and World Federation in Africa because it is highly invaluable and recognized throughout the African Continent which provides major leadership roles within an establishment. Upon completion of Pastoral and Leadership in Theology, am very confident enough to challenge Africa Challenges in Theological path from unknown to brighter Theological richness.

With all this, I am very positive that Africa Conferences will have a new face and have pastors and leaders who are well trained and focused.

Introducing Pastor Quistin Chalwe

Pastor Quistin Chalwe, Zambia

I was born on 10th of September,1971, in the village of Ndola rural currently known as Lufwanyama. I am the third born of ten children. I was born from Pastor Joseph Chalwe and Mesiya Mwisa. My father was a pastor in the Baptist church. Besides that, my parents were both peasant farmers.

I grew up in the village with my parents and siblings. At the age of 10, I moved from the village to live with my aunt in Mufulira town, where I lived till I completed high school. In 2004, I got married to the most beautiful woman by the name of Duba Zimba, with whom I have 4 children; 3 boys and 1 girl, plus 3 dependents.

I started school at the age of 8 at Mibenge Primary School in Lufwanyama. I attended Mibenge primary school till 4th grade. In 1981, I moved to Mufulira where I proceeded with my primary education at Buyantanshi Primary School. I was at Buyantanshi from 5th to 7th grade. In 1984, my Guardians and I relocated to Kitwe where I continued my education. In 1986, I went to Chililabombwe, where I started my secondary education at Muleya Secondary School. It was during this time that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour in 1987 in a Baptist church.

Two years later I moved back to Kitwe where I continued with my secondary school till completion of high school in 1991. I joined the Seventh Day Baptist Church, after reading about SDB Beliefs. The Seventh Day Baptist Church in Zambia was started by my uncle (Rev Edwin Mukumbo), now deceased, who kept me till I completed school and with whom I moved so closely, which led to me taking the mantle of leadership from him. I stayed for 4 years before I got into college. In 1995, I went to Copperbelt University to study for an advanced certificate in accountancy (ACA). In1998, I enrolled at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies to become a Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA), but unfortunately I did not complete those studies, due to lack of support.

In 2002, I went to Chikankanta University to do a short course in Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Psycho-social Counselling. In 2004, I was elected for the first time as General Secretary for the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Zambia after serving as Rev Edwin Mukumbo’s personal Secretary for several years. In 2017 I was re- elected to the same position, and have held it till now.

Shortly after my college studies, I joined Faith Orphanage Foundation; a Faith-based Organization in Kitwe, where I served as Administrator for over 2 decades and I went for some short courses during my employment. I did sales marketing and some business studies with AGS. I started my own business under the name of Quistinch investments Limited. This is my firm, which has been running to date. I supply goods and services to nearby Mining houses in the Copperbelt province of Zambia.

In the year 2014/15, Zambia had an opportunity to introduce the TIME Program organised and facilitated by the SDB Missionary Society of the USA through the Zambian Conference leadership. I participated in this program together with many other Pastors and leaders and graduated at the end of the program with a Certificate. In the year 2022 on April 9, I was ordained to become a Pastor. The ordination was conducted by Pastor Andy Samuels in their last visit to Zambia with his beautiful wife Kay and Pastor George Lawson.

In the year 2020, I formed an organization called THE FEEDING SPOON ZAMBIA with a vision, “NO CHILD SHOULD GO TO BED HUNGRY,” which aims at feeding children with a decent meal at least once or twice a week which is helping most SDB Children and elderly access some decent meal, education support and shelter. You can visit our website below for more information:

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