VIPs at SDB South Atlantic Association

Written by Carl Greene

November 15, 2023

The Visiting Instructors Program (VIP) continues to make an impact. Check out the video of Pastor Kingsley Gauti (Malawi, Africa), Pastor Quistin Chalwe (Zambia, Africa) alongside the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society‘s own Andy Samuels putting South Atlantic Association on their feet!

The Visiting Instructors participated in a full weekend of activities in Daytona Beach, Florida which was organized by Pastor Keith McCall, President of the South Atlantic Association. On Friday night, Pastor Kingsley gave the keynote address at the South Atlantic Leadership Training (SALT) graduation celebration. On Sabbath morning, Pastor Quistin led the Adult Sabbath School Class on the topic of “How Do We View God.” Pastor Kingsley led the Middle and High School Sabbath School Classes.

During Sabbath worship Pastor Kingsley, Pastor Quistin, and Carl Greene (Executive Director, SDB General Conference of USA and Canada) team preached from the weekend’s theme text of Psalm 127. The theme of joining God in His missional work as Kingdom Family was highlighted by the content of the sermon and by presenting the sermon as a team.

Pastor Kingsley and Pastor Quistin gave presentations Sabbath afternoon about what God is doing in Malawi and Zambia respectively. On Sunday morning, Pastor Quistin led the Association devotions on the beach. Sunday afternoon provided a time for the Visiting Instructors to present to the SDB General Council about their observations while in North America and ministry opportunities for the SDB General Conference of USA and Canada to consider based on those observations.

Please pray for the Visiting Instructors as they conclude their mission here in the United States. And, enjoy the video from the Talent Show at South Atlantic Association!

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