General Council Experiences South Atlantic Association

Written by SDB General Council

November 22, 2023

The weekend of November 10-12, your General Council was thrilled to be able to join with the South Atlantic Association in Daytona Beach, Florida as part of our fall meetings. We were blessed to celebrate Sabbath with them, including the graduation of 12 hardworking individuals from SALT 2 (Phase 2 of the South Atlantic Leadership Training) on Friday evening and beautiful worship, presentations and festivities on Saturday. It was amazing to see how God is moving among our SAA churches. We were also privileged to meet Pastors Kingsley Gauti (Malawi) and Quistin Chalwe (Zambia) from the SDB Africa Bible College who were here with the Visiting Instructor Program. We are thankful to President Keith McCall and the South Atlantic Association for welcoming us.

The General Council meetings provided opportunities to respond to Conference Action items as well as to plan for our upcoming Winter Virtual Delegates Forum and discuss feedback from our Town Hall Meeting on the future of our Conference Event. We were excited to hear how grants from the Memorial Board are empowering our churches and church plants for ministry and how grants from other organizations are opening opportunities for us to continue to advance key ministry areas from our Vision Map. We were especially encouraged by initiatives in the area of Leadership Development with the recent gathering of Emerging Leaders as well as the facilitation of multiple internships (many thanks to our Directors for their investments of time and energy to make these happen).

Thank you for continuing to trust us to serve as your General Council.

Andrew, Ericessen, Erin, Maura and Steve

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