SDB University Spring 2024 Registration is Now Open!

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Written by Nicholas Kersten

November 30, 2023

The SDB School of Ministry, which is overseen by the Christian Education Council, is proud to announce that Registration for SDBU for the Spring 2024 semester is now open.  Classes in both the Ministry Leadership and Pastoral Leadership Certificate programs are being offered in the Spring 2024 semester.  Students wishing to register for classes should follow this link and register for classes prior to the close of registration at the start of the new semester.

Seventh Day Baptist University (SDBU) is an effort of our General Conference to train Kingdom leaders in the contexts of their local church so that they can actively advance God’s Kingdom.  Experienced SDB leaders constitute the faculty and lead classes around core competencies necessary to promote healthy trained leaders who can lead healthy churches. Participation in the program is limited to those recognized and recommended for admission to the program by a local member church of the SDB General Conference of the United States and Canada or one of it’s other entities.  Participants must also be endorsed by their local churches or a Conference agency to participate in the program.

The Spring semester begins in early February, running from February 2nd through May 19th. REGISTER HERE!   Registration for the Spring semester will close on January 28th, 2024.

(February 2, 2024 – May 19, 2024)

Ministry Leadership Certificate Courses:
Biblical Preaching (SDBU 211) 
New Testament Survey (SDBU 230)
Introduction to Evangelism and Apologetics (SDBU 260)
Practical Ministry Skills (SDBU 280)

Pastoral Leadership Certificate Courses:

Seventh Day Baptist History (SDB 341)
for information about other class offerings in this certificate, please reach out to Nick Kersten.

More information about the application and registration process is available here.

Students meaning to begin classes in February should immediately submit their applications so that they can be properly admitted prior to the beginning of classes.  The deadline for new applicants to begin in Spring 2024 is January 14th.  Applications can now be completed online here.

For more information about SDBU, click here.  Questions about program eligibility, class content, prerequisites, and other topics can be directed to the Dean, Nick Kersten.

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