Sabbath Recorder – January 2024

Written by Jeremiah Owen

December 22, 2023

In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder:

  • “When you pray…” – Liam Probasco
  • Why Should We Pray? – Denovia Mckenzie
  • Abiding Prayer – Pastor Nate Crandall
  • Breaking A Siege of Distraction – Rev. Nick Kersten
  • SDB Visiting Instructors Program – Carl Greene, Executive Director
  • Unearth the Church: English and Spanish – Johnmark Camenga, Conference President
  • Pratt and Platts: Freedman and Freeman – Doug Welch
  • Youth Recap 2023 – Ellie Greene, The Beacon
  • The Book of Revelation: The Seven Trumpets Part 5 – Dennis Coleman
  • Uganda SDB: Emerging Leaders in Motion – Garfield Miller, Missionary Society
  • Another First for West Palm Beach Seventh Day Baptist Church! – Deaconess Jennifer Dixon
  • South Atlantic Leadership Training (SALT 2) Graduation – Jasmine Lynch

And much more! The following versions are available:

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