52 Weeks. And a Free Gift.

Written by Carl Greene

February 14, 2024

There are 52 weeks in a year. You are welcome for that novel update on the calendar. Stick with me though—living all 52 weeks is actually more complicated than it appears.

How often is it that we live ‘in the future’ or ‘in the past’ rather than in the present week of the year? At times we are looking forward to an event or a change so much that we are fixated on that future time rather than experiencing the present. Then again, there are times in which we choose to live in the past and fixate on nostalgic memories of how things were, or more likely, the way we wish things were.

Something that we are looking forward to as SDBs is Conference Week 2024 July 21-28, 2024 at West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, WV. As special as this time might be, this is one week out of 52. It is a spark and formative experience to renew our missional focus as SDBs–for all the weeks.

A New Thing

Thanks to a unique partnership with Wipf and Stock Publishers, the impact of Conference Week 2024 has a tangible guide for all 52 weeks of the year. Seventh Day Baptist Conference President Johnmark Camenga has authored a book, Unearth the Church, which provides depth and background to this year’s Conference Week theme.

Even more, the intended audience for this book goes beyond SDBs. The book is being distributed by Wipf and Stock to audiences far and wide. The impact of Conference Week 2024 is not only spread across all the weeks of the year, but is being delivered to new audiences.

A Free Thing

For those who register in advance for Conference Week 2024 and attend the gathering, you will receive your own copy of Unearth the Church. Perhaps there will even be a book signing by the author during the week. Thank you to the SDB Memorial Fund for partnering to make the book available to Conference Week participants!

For those who will not be attending Conference Week but intend to live all 52 weeks of the year with intentionality, not to worry! The book will be available through book selling hubs such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wipf and Stock, and a number of other reputable book sellers.

So, be on the look out for registration to open for Conference Week 2024. And, be ready for the book to be available for purchase and reader reviews!

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