IMPORTANT: Information for 2024 Directory of Churches DUE by April 1!

Each year, the SDB General Conference requests member church information to facilitate communication between the Conference and its churches, and the churches with each other. We share this information through the Directory of Officers, Ministers, and Churches. It also serves as a legal document to verify which churches in North America may be identified as Seventh Day Baptist. Finally, we post your most recent church information on the Church Locator website so visitors can find you.

Please note that the online data collection form has been reduced from 13 pages to 6. We continue to ask for names and contact details for pastors and officers, but information on other church leaders can be added in a text box on the final page.

The online form is ready to receive your data!

The deadline is April 1, 2024. No paper forms will be mailed – all online.

  • Please check to make sure no one else from your church has completed this form. (An email was sent to each church’s officers and pastors.)
  • It’s important to fill out the form even if there are no changes from the previous year. It’s part of our annual documentation process.
  • A copy of the information you enter will be emailed to whatever you enter as your church email address after you press the Submit button at the end. (Check your spam or junk mail folder.)
  • Note that the church email address will be visible on the Church Locator tool unless you request us to remove it.
  • You can stop part way through and return to finish it later (see the option at the bottom of each page).

If you need assistance with the form or have any questions, please contact us at or (608) 752-5055, ext. 708. We’re happy to help!

The 2024 Directory should be available by early summer.

Thank you for your partnership with the SDB General Conference. We remember you in prayer and thank God for you.

SDB Church Development Team

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