Sabbath Recorder – March 2024

Written by Jeremiah Owen

February 27, 2024

In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder:

  • “Is God Enough?” by Joshua Coleman
  • “Is God Enough?” “God Is Enough!” by Asabe Miller
  • “God Is Enough!” by Pastor Kingsley Gauti
  • “Rule 1” by Carl Greene, Executive Director, General Conference
  • “Seeds of Service: Growing Faith Across the Land” by William Steven Wells
  • “God’s Plan is Enough” by Ellie Greene, The Beacon
  • “Camp Joy Winter Retreat” by Laura Modesitt
  • “Camp Joy Improvements” by Chad Modesitt
  • “How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?” by Steve Crouch
  • “ABC Graduation” by Andrew Samuels, Missionary Society
  • “Unearth the Church: English and Spanish” by Johnmark Camenga, Conference President
  • “The Book of Revelation: The Seven Trumpets Part 6” by Dennis Coleman

And much more! The following versions are available:

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