Sabbath Recorder – May 2024

Written by Jeremiah Owen

April 29, 2024

In this issue of the Sabbath Recorder:

  • Walking and Leaping and Praising God – By j. eldred
  • Worshiping Through the Greatest Commandment – By Lora Sweeny
  • What is Worship? – By Jessica Veale
  • Sing to the Lord a Song Made New – By Eric Bofinger
  • Loud with Hosannas Ring – By Eric Bofinger
  • Invitation to Conference 2024 – By Johnmark Camenga, Conference President
  • Sabbath Liturgy is Not All About Me – By Carl Greene, Executive Director
  • Submit Nominations for COM and Women’s Board Awards
  • Guess What! – By Ellie Greene, The Beacon
  • Give Generously, Lower Taxes? – By Carl Greene
  • 3 Prisoners Set Free—Hooray! – By Lauren Kinlocke
  • What is Your Church About: English and Spanish – By Johnmark Camenga, Conference President
  • SDB Ministry to Sudanese, Part 2

And much more! The following versions are available:

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