SDB Summit 2024!

Written by Carl Greene

May 1, 2024

The 2024 SDB Summit flourished in sunny, warm South Jersey! Over 70 pastors and pastors spouses, church planters, ministry leaders, and Vital Preaching participants learned, fellowshipped, worshipped, and prayed together. The largest SDB pastors conference in decades provides a glimpse into the hopeful ministry opportunities God is calling SDBs into over the coming months.

The Summit focused on the theme of “The Shepherd Leader.” Participants not only took in valuable content, but also engaged in sharpening discussions and encouraging conversations. Another strength of the gathering was the diversity of attenders. Summit participants represented over 35 SDB churches. Take another look at the article picture—there is great hope portrayed by the ministry leaders that God is raising up among SDBs. Please continue to pray!

One new aspect of the Summit was an additional day focused on preaching. Pastor Barry Dailey and Pastor Dustin Mackintosh led the outstanding preaching seminar. Ten participants in the SDB Vital Preaching initiative were an integral part of the Summit activities. The SDB Vital Preaching initiative provides preparation for emerging ministry leaders with contemporary preaching skills by immersing them among veteran pastors as mentors. The Summit provided a fantastic opportunity for just that.

SDB Vital Preaching is made possible through a Vital Worship, Vital Preaching Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with funds provided by Lilly Endowment Inc. Be on the lookout for more SDB Vital Preaching news across the upcoming months.

Finally, a thank you to all of the content contributors throughout the weekend; our church hosts, the Marlboro SDB Church and the Shiloh SDB Church; as well as key organizers from the SDB Team, John Pethtel and Patty Petersen.

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