Church Revitalization

Church Revitalization is an important part of of a healthy church

When we assess our personal health, one of the key indicators is our pulse rate. Is it too high? Too low? Is our heart still beating? 

We want to help you take the pulse of your church’s health. 

PULSE is a PROCESS to help your church assess its health…

and ACTIVELY advance God’s Kingdom. 

There is nothing more important to the vitality of the local church and the General Conference than to provoke and encourage ourselves to greater health. Healthy leaders lead healthy churches that disciple healthy leaders that plant healthy churches. During 2016-2017, four churches have begun to “check their pulse” with a new church health assessment process. While there are stages and resources recommended during each stage in the PULSE process, COM is encouraging every church to “take its pulse” in the near future. 

If your church is interested in starting or you have more questions, contact the Director of Church Development for more information.


Find out more about PULSE here.