Conference Week 2022 – FAQ



What is this year’s theme? 

This year’s theme, chosen by President Charlotte Chroniger, is ‘How Great is Our God’. 


What activities will be happening during Conference Week 2022? 

There will be singing, committee meetings, seminars, youth and children’s activities, women’s banquet, pastor’s luncheon, inspiring Bible studies, and evening messages all centered around the Conference Week 2022 theme, How Great is Our God. We will post a schedule as soon as it is finalized along with all other Conference Week 2022 information on the Conference Week 2022 web page (seventhdaybaptist,org/conferenceweek2022).

What are the appropriate ages/grades for nursery care, KidCon, and YouthCon?

Nursery care is available for those from birth-PreK (0-4 years old approximately). KidCon will be available to those going into Kindergarten-5th grade (5-11 years old approximately). YouthCon will be available to those going into 6th-12 grade (12-18 years old approximately). These services are available for a $25 fee. 


Where will Conference Week 2022 be held? 

We will be using facilities on the campus of the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) located just north of downtown Colorado Springs and close to I-25. This is a modern university setting with many amenities including free guest wifi and ADA-compliant facilities, 

What is there to do in Colorado Springs? 

Colorado Springs has been a tourist destination for over 150 years. From Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak to hundreds of trails and natural wonders, as well as a robust art and food scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Colorado Springs. Please go to to see all of the great things for visitors to do and plan some downtime at Conference Week 2022 or before or after Conference Week to see all this part of the country offers to reveal the greatness of God. 


Are there any major schedule changes to Conference Week 2022 from previous years? 

Only one major change. We will be transacting all of our business (including committee work) within the first few days of our Conference. Instead of trying to spread the business out over the course of the whole week (and sometimes not giving enough time to have delegates and registrants review reports, ask questions, and give great feedback and ideas for how to actively advance God’s Kingdom), we are allowing plenty of time to have those conversations over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Conference Week 2022. 


What will the options be for registration for Conference Week 2022? 

In an effort to minimize the stress on volunteers and to follow best practices for national conferences, we are offering an all-week on-campus option that includes a bed (with linens), meals, and registration for the whole week and an option that only includes the registration for the whole week. 

Is there any way that Conference Week 2022 might be canceled? 

We are committed to having an in-person gathering in 2022 and it depends upon you. We need to have 270 on-campus registrations (beds) by May 23, 2022, to continue our in-person gathering this year. So our gathering this year needs you to commit to the importance of this event by registering and securing your spot. 

Is that May 23rd deadline too early? 

May 23 is the last day for us to receive a full refund of our substantial deposit to UCCS. However, with us opening up registration in early March, the May 23 deadline gives us just as much time (maybe even a week more) than we would normally have by opening up registration in our typical time frame of May 1. 

If we meet the on-campus registrations by the May 23rd deadline, what will the final registration deadline be? 

We will communicate any further deadlines when we meet our on-campus registrations goal. Your registration must be accompanied by at least a deposit ($100) for it to secure your place. Your commitment to attend is needed to ensure that Conference Week 2022 can happen. 

There will be NO walk-up on-campus registrations. 

What will be required with regards to COVID-19 for Conference Week 2022? 

We will be asking that, in your adoption of the standard code of conduct we require for Conference Week attendance, you commit to following the protocols for guest groups at the time of our meeting by UCCS. Proof of vaccination will NOT be required. In regards to masks, it will depend on what the situation with COVID is in Colorado Springs. Currently, UCCS is likely to lift its on-campus mask mandate in March. The majority of Colorado Springs do not currently require masks in public spaces (there are exceptions by individual businesses and for major concerts/sporting events and public transport). We have not been able to and will not be able to predict months from now how COVID might affect travel or personal plans. We encourage you to purchase trip protection/insurance from your travel carrier or third-party insurer to guarantee the return of your travel funds in case of changing public health concerns.  

Will there be any paper registration for Conference Week 2022? 

No. All registration will be online and will require an email. If you struggle with making online reservations, our Conference Week team can assist you. Contact us at or 608-752-7055 ext. 708. 


How much will it cost? 

On-campus fees will be $600 per registrant (age 6 and above) and include 7 nights lodging on campus in a shared suite, 20 meals, parking, registration, and use of most campus facilities. Air-conditioned rooms are limited and will be an additional cost (+$116). Off-campus fees will be $175 per registrant (age 6 and above) and include parking, registration, and use of most campus facilities. 

Why does the price seem higher than usual? 

Many factors account for this price. There is currently an increased price on everything due to economic inflation. Food, labor, lodging, and facilities are all more expensive than in previous years. Also, in pulling all the Conference Week costs out of various ministry budgets (Christian Education, travel, Pastoral Services, etc.), we realize that we have been subsidizing the cost of our annual Conference Week for years at the cost of $200+ per registrant without passing that cost on to registrants. This cost represents more of the true price but has still been subsidized for cost control at the discretion of the General Council. We must continue to move toward a more sustainable model. With your commitment to attend Conference Week 2022 through registering before May 23, you will show the Conference Week team and General Council the importance of this annual event to you. 

Are there any other fees? 

If you plan on using the nursery, associated conferences (KidCon), youth conference (YouthCon), or attending the women’s banquet, there will be an additional cost. This fee will be used to help cover the costs of these events and provide us with a headcount for those using these services so that we can prepare accordingly. 

Do I need to pay all of my fees when I register? 

No, however, this is the expectation of most major conferences upon registration. We will be requiring a deposit this year of $100 per registrant (6 and above). This is to help ensure your spot and our ability to put on Conference Week 2022. You also can pay your full registration cost  by card or check at the time of registration. If you pay your deposit by check, we must receive that check before May 23 for your registration to be counted. All fees will need to be paid by July 3 to ensure your spot. 

What will the Conference Week refund policy be? 

In the event that we need to cancel Conference Week 2022 due to a lack of registrations, we will refund everyone 100% of what they have paid via the method they paid. Any cancellations made by registrants after June 1 will be refunded 50% of what they have paid via the method they paid. Any cancellations made by registrants after July 1 will forfeit what they have paid.  


When should I arrive on campus to begin registration or events? 

Please do not arrive on campus to check-in or register before Sunday, July 24, at 1:30 pm. Your arrangements before this time and after breakfast on Sunday, July 31, are your responsibility.  

What happens to my plane ticket if Conference Week 2022 gets canceled? 

We recommend that you purchase trip insurance/protection offered by your travel carrier or a third-party insurer to help mitigate any travel expense loss due to cancellation. 

What airport should we fly into for Conference Week 2022? 

We will arrange pick-ups and drop-offs to the Colorado Springs Airport (COS). This airport is serviced by most major airlines (United, American, Southwest, Delta, Allegiant). If you choose to fly into Denver International Airport (DEN), there are shuttle options to carry you to Colorado Springs. The major shuttle options include Groome Transportation and connection to the Bustang at Union Station in Denver via light rail from the airport. Union Station in Denver also hosts an Amtrak station that can have a Bustang service connection or Greyhound comes directly into Colorado Springs. 

What about parking on campus? 

Parking on campus is covered in your registration fees but know that some parking lots are located at some distance from the buildings that we are using and that parking fills up quickly. 

How about getting around on-campus for those with limited mobility? 

We will be mostly located in one building for our events throughout the week with the dining hall and dorms being a short walk away. We plan on allotting plenty of time for people to make the transition between scheduled events. We are working with UCCS on ways to help those who will still find that movement across campus is a challenge (shuttles, golf carts, etc.). All of the facilities include elevators (if needed), ramps, and are ADA compliant. 


Do I need to bring linens for my bed if I am staying on-campus? 

No. Linens are included with your on-campus registration. This includes sheets/cases, a blanket, a pillow, a towel, and a washcloth. 

Can my children sleep on the floor without charge? 

Everyone age 6 and above must be in a bed. This complies with UCCS Conference Services guidelines. 

Are there air-conditioned rooms available on-campus? 

Yes. There are a limited number of air-conditioned rooms available at an additional cost (+$116). Most people will not need air conditioning. It is a dry climate in Colorado and it rarely gets above 90 degrees during the day and is quite temperate at night. A fan will likely make sleeping conditions acceptable for most registrants. 

How many beds are we contracted for at our host campus? 

We are contracted for 300 beds and we need 270 beds registered by May 23, 2022, to continue to have an in-person gathering. 

What are the dorm rooms like and can I choose my roommate? 

Our contracted rooms include suites of 3 or 4 private rooms (one twin bed) with a shared bathroom. You will have the option in registration to indicate your preference of roommates.   

Are there preferred places to stay off-campus if that is my option? 

If you are staying off-campus, your lodging arrangements are your responsibility and there are a wide range of hotels in the Colorado Springs area ranging from $60 per night and up. The Conference Week team is making a block of rooms available for SDBs at two local hotels. That information will be shared on the Conference Week 2022 web page ( You may also contact one of the Conference Week team at or 608-752-5055 ext. 708. There are also multiple RV parks in the Colorado Springs area.  


Will I be able to purchase meals on-campus if I am not staying on campus?? 

Yes. You will be able to pay cash or credit for meals as a walk-in in the same dining hall where on-campus registrants will be eating. No need to contact Conference Week staff; just pay at the door. 

What if I have dietary restrictions? 

There should be many options for all types of palates and dietary restrictions. There will be gluten-free, vegetarian, and lactose-free options at main meals (including an entree). Pork may be an option at meals but there should be other food selections as well. For extra sensitivities, please let us know in your registration and we will do our best to make accommodations with the dining service on-campus. 

What meals will be included in the on-campus registration? 

Your meals include dinner Sunday evening (July 24), breakfast-lunch-dinner Monday-Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning (July 31). 

What if I don’t eat breakfast, etc? 

Our registration options include all meals if you are staying on campus or no meals if you are staying off-campus. A great majority of our on-campus registrants over the years have eaten all their meals on campus. In the interest of simplicity in registration options and the desire for most event venues to offer discounted facility costs with a certain number of beds and meal plans, these were the best options for our event. If you are staying off-campus, you can buy individual meals with cash or credit at the dining hall. If you are staying on-campus, it includes all meals.

Are there any age discounts for meals? 

Ages birth-2 eat free. Ages 3-5 eat at a discounted meal rate. Ages 6 and above pay the full meal rate. 


What if I have another question, need some advice on the best choice for my Conference Week 2022 logistics, have difficulty registering, or have a special request? 

We want to see you there for Conference Week 2022. It doesn’t hurt to ask any questions. Contact the Conference Week team at or 608-752-5055 ext. 708. We will find you an answer.