COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Directors of the SDB General Conference makes this list of resources/links available to our churches, our leaders, and the public. We recommend that our churches consider and follow all local public health warnings and advisories.
This is NOT a comprehensive list of resources regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

SDB General Conference Communications
Letter to SDB Churches RE COVID-19 Pandemic (03/13/20)
Letter to SDBs (COVID-19 Update, 03/17/20)
The Next Right Steps in the COVID-19 Crisis (COVID-19 Update, 03/23/20)
Leaning into Covenant during the Pandemic (COVID-19 Update, 03/30/20)
SDB Memorial Board Update
2020 Annual Session Cancellation
The Building is Empty but So is The Grave (COVID-19 Update, 04/06/20)
Intentional Connections
Cancellations and Opportunities (COVID-19 Update, 04/20/20)
Reintroducing President Butler
But Wait…There’s More (Virtual Conference 2020)
Positive Cases (COVID-19 Update, 10/23/20)
Conference Week 2021 Announcement (02/03/21)

Government and Health Resources
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated 12/30/20
Coronavirus Task Force (White House)
State and Territorial Health Departments List

Resources for Churches
Coronavirus Resources for the Church
A Concise Coronavirus Guide for the Church
Information about the CARES Act
The CARES Act and Your ChurchAn Overview of the CARES Act
9 Steps to Prepare Your Benevolence Ministry for Coronavirus
Things Your Church May Be Doing Illegally
Caskey Center COVID-19 Resources Page
CDC Interim Guidance for Reopening Churches
NAE Care Package for the Church
Ministry Grid Coronavirus Training
12 Things to Consider When Reopening Your Children’s Ministry
What Should Our Church Consider When Reopening Your Children’s Ministry
ReOpening the Church
12 Small Church Guidelines for Gathering Again
Churches’ Rights and Responsibilities When Regathering
Helpful Guidelines for Civic/Church Cooperation during a Pandemic
Will the Honor System Work in Churches? 

Resources for Pastors
Preaching Resources in the Wake of COVID-19
How to Lead Through Rapid Unexpected Change
Free Pandemic Response Training
Pastoring through a Pandemic
CDC Guidelines for Faith-based Leaders
Senior Pastor’s Guide to Reopening
Resilient Church Leader Initiative
How to Respond When There is Disagreement with the Reopening Plans
A Reopening Plan from our friend, Brian Croft
Is Congregational Singing Dangerous?
Short and Long Term Effects of COVID-19 on the Church

Resources for Christians
Christians, Let’s Flatten the Curve but Remain a Religion for the Sick
C.S. Lewis and COVID-19
20 Prayers to Pray during this Pandemic
4 Lessons from Church History
7 Day Coronavirus Prayer Guide
How to Pray for Your Pastor
35 Ways to Love Your Neighbor Right Now
How Should We Behave at This Time and All Times
A Christian Perspective on Vaccines (NAE Podcast)

Virtual/Streaming Resources for Churches
How to Take Your Church Virtual (Fast)
Six Reasons Our Church is NOT Livestreaming
Ultimate Guide to Livestreaming Church Services
A Super Basic, Low Budget Guide to Livestreaming
9 Ways Your Church Can Use Facebook Live
How to Livestream to Facebook Live
Virtual Congregational Meeting Guide for Churches
NAE Church Live Streaming Guide

Virtual/Streaming Resources for Pastors
Community without Communig: Resources for Virtual Church
How to Lead Online Worship
Worship and COVID-19
Preaching to an Empty Room
How to Transition Online Attenders to In-Person Attenders
How to Host an Online Meeting
How to Prevent Zoom Bombing

Home/Family Worship Resources
List of SDB Churches that Livestream or Have Recorded Messages/Worship
Family Worship 101
Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus

If you have any questions or ANY needs during this crisis, please let one of the Directors know. We are here to help you help others.

Actively Advancing God’s Kingdom even while Staying at Home,
The SDB Directors