Scripture Memory Program

Scripture Memory Program

Each year, the Christian Education Council encourages the members of local Seventh Day Baptist churches to commit themselves to memorizing the Scriptures as part of our Scripture Memory Program.  The verses selected for the program by the presiding Conference President are usually related to their selected theme.  There are three age levels for the program: one for Primary age groups (ages 3-8) and one for Juniors/Youth/Adults (ages 9+) 



In 2023-2024, our Conference theme is “Unearth the Church,” as selected by our Conference President Johnmark Camenga.   The verses for the program this year surround this theme.  Below, you may download the PDF version of the program brochures for each of the three grade levels. 

At the completion of each year’s program, member churches of the General Conference can report their members who complete their program to the Christian Education Council for the recognition of their members.  In addition, the Christian Education Council recognizes the church with the highest number of members who have completed the program with the Mary G. Clare Scripture Memory Bowl in honor of the congregation’s achievement.  An additional award, the Andrew J. Camenga Award, is awarded to the church with the highest percentage of participants.

In response to congregations making use of the program, this year we have elected to make the materials available to local churches for use over the course of 9 months. You may begin when you wish, however the deadline for completion of the Scripture Memory Program is firm (July 5, 2024). When you download the materials below, please be sure you download the appropriate age level.

In English

Primary Program (ages 3-8)

Junior Program (ages 9-12)

Youth/Adult Program (ages 13+)

In Spanish (Espanol)

Ninos (edades sugeridas de 3 a 8 anos)

Adultos / Jovenes (edad sugerida a partir de 13 anos)

Certification Forms are required in order to receive certificates and have your church/group recognized for awards. You may use this form: SMP Certification 2022-23 Reporting Form (printable & fillable pdf) and submit it via email or the USPS or use this link to fill out a Google form which will submit your information electronically. Forms must be received by July 05, 2024 to be eligible for Conference awards.