The Sabbath Recorder

Tract & Communication Council 

The American Sabbath Tract & Communication Council

The Tract & Communication Council produces informational and new media content to advance the cause of Christ through Seventh Day Baptist churches. These include everything from traditional tracts, our monthly publication The Sabbath Recorder to livestreams, and video messages. Our goal is to share the Gospel and to share Seventh Day Baptist distinctives to share who we are.

One of the major undertakings of the Communication Council is the monthly publication of The Sabbath Recorder magazine. Through this outreach, one of America’s oldest continuing periodicals, the Council desires to inspire and inform Seventh Day Baptists in America and around the world.

The Council supplies audio-visual materials, and carries resources used to promote the Sabbath and the Seventh Day Baptist name


Meet the Director: Jeremiah Owen

Jeremiah Owen is the Director of Communications for the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference of the United States and Canada, serves as Moderator and Deacon at the Foothill Community Church, and serves as President of the Acton Town Council in Acton, CA. Jeremiah and his wife Sarah have been married for over 16 years and have three children ranging from elementary school to high school. Jeremiah is a passionate Jesus follower since his acceptance of Christ as his savior while in elementary school.

 Jeremiah received his BS in Telecommunications Engineering from Mt. Sierra College. With over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology space as a leader and over a decade of experience in managing Social and New Media, Jeremiah brings a unique blend of technology and passionate love for Seventh Day Baptists’ mission to his ministries work. When not serving his community or Seventh Day Baptists, he can be found tending to his alpacas, chickens, and goats on his ranch just outside Los Angeles.  

Jeremiah Owen