After taking a long journey, or experiencing an especially exhausting day of responsibilities, I love hearing the words ‘Welcome Home’. As you navigate through seventhdaybaptist.org, we hope that you distinctly hear an ongoing invitation to experience a “Welcome Home”. Whether you have never heard of Seventh Day Baptists before, or if you grew up in a Seventh Day Baptist Church, or if you are searching for more information about the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, please do not miss the Welcome Home sign.

The word “welcome” is derived from an Old English word meaning “a desired guest”. That sounds really nice, but it stops short of the experience of truly connecting with people. Who wants to remain a perpetual visitor in life in which we never experience belonging? A Seventh Day Baptist welcome does not end at simply visiting as a guest, it is an invitation to come home.

We want to welcome you into a spiritual family where you are able to experience the rest and renewal of home. Jesus redefines home – He welcomes us into experiencing His peace and joy. It is through enjoying a committed life with Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord that we can also thrive in community with other believers. It is in community with fellow believers that we can truly flourish and experience life abundantly in Jesus Christ. That is our invitation to you.

Welcome home.

 Carl Greene

Executive Director, Seventh Day Baptist General Conference of USA and Canada


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