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July 25 – July 31



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SDBs are evangelical Baptists who hold to keeping the seventh day Sabbath of the Bible as sacred time. From our first church in America, founded in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1671, until today, Seventh Day Baptists have been a Christ-centered, Bible believing people with traditional family values.

Biblically Centered

 Living a life defined and directed by Scripture. 

Sabbath Keeping

We lovingly observe the 7th Day Sabbath. It is a blessing, not an obligation.

Family Focused

All people are welcome and valuable.

Volunteer Focused

Volunteers are encouraged, empowered and mobilized to serve.

Latest News

This Year’s Hatch

This Year’s Hatch

Remember spring of 2021? Maybe you do not want to. Regardless, that was the season that these Clapper Rail chicks hatched--and they are now on their journey toward maturity. We too are on a journey toward maturity, and we want to talk about it. Over recent months, we...

How Many People Registered for the SDB Virtual Conference Week?

How Many People Registered for the SDB Virtual Conference Week?

The fact that we are streaming through the 2021 SDB Virtual Conference Week is a reminder of three important things: 1) the 2021 Conference Offering is underway; 2) the Gospel Feet 5K is just around the corner on August 1st, and 3) we can announce how many people have...

Conference 2021

July 25-31, 2021


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