Reintroducing Jan Ehlers

Written by Carl Greene

March 17, 2021

A long-time smiling face at the Seventh Day Baptist Center in Janesville, Wisconsin has been Jan Ehlers. Jan is the friendly voice on the Janesville end of phone calls, email, and mail correspondence—and has been that voice for a number of years! Jan began working at the Center in October of 1993 and has been a consistent blessing to the Conference ever since.

In the world of less and less personal, direct communication, we are thankful for Jan’s gift of long-term investment in relationships. As a Conference, we are pleased to provide the opportunity to not only communicate via social media, email, and phone messages—but to also be able to talk with office staff directly by phone.

Simply call the Center at (608)-752-5055, and select option 0 to speak directly with Jan. Not only will Jan provide you with assistance to address the purpose of your call—but you will be blessed with a pleasant conversation in the process.

Ok, so we are biased as a Conference Team with how awesome Jan is—but give a call and I am confident that you will agree.

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