Scripture Memory Reporting!

Written by Nicholas Kersten

June 2, 2023

Having familiarity with the words of God in Scripture is one of the most important disciplines we can cultivate in our spiritual lives as we seek to follow Jesus Christ.  Seventh Day Baptists value God’s Word highly and have prioritized it in all of our churches.  One of the ways that we continue to promote this connection to Scripture as a Conference is through our Scripture Memory Program.

If you or you local church have participated in our 2022-23 Scripture Memory Program, it’s time to do your Scripture Memory reporting!  We need to know who has completed the program so that they can be recognized and your church will be eligible for the 2022-23 awards!

Each year, our Conference President decides on a series of biblical verses and passages which participants memorize.  Beyond the obvious spiritual benefits of committing God’s Word to memory, we honor participants with a certificate upon completion and local churches can receive competitive awards for their participation.  The Mary Clare Scripture Memory Bowl is given to the congregation with the most participants, and the Andrew J. Camenga Award is given to the congregation with the highest percentage of participants.  In 2022-23, as in the previous year, our program was entitled, “How Great Is Our God!” and included verses selected by conference president Charlotte Chroniger.

Churches desiring to send in their participants should download and submit by mail or email this form, or to enter their data online here.  We strongly suggest that churches double check the spelling of the names they submit as the certificates are generated using the data entered on the form.  We are not always able to produce and send replacement certificates in a timely way.  Submissions are due by July 5, 2023.  Do your Scripture Memory reporting as soon as possible!

The Christian Education Council will once again announce the winners of the awards at our General Conference session this year during the awards time on Sabbath afternoon.

We will mail completion certificates to churches for their members in mid-to-late August along with program materials for next year’s program.  Program materials were available in both English and Spanish in 2022-23, and will be available that way moving forward.

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